About The Conference

The world of selling is broad! It is a world that touches everyone in one way or the other - because we all are salespeople.
The Art of Selling is one of the foremost skills in business and in life. We all need mastery in salesmanship to do well in our life endeavours. Of course, we need savvy in selling to excel in business.
Number one reason businesses fail is low sales.
Number one reason businesses succeed is high sales.
Without sales, businesses will enter coma! Salespeople are important in every organization. These thoughts are glaring truth.
Nigeria Sales Conference is an open conference that is organized by The Selling Champion Consulting Limited, a certified training company in Nigeria.

Our Two Major Objectives for the conference are:
1. To provide a Worldclass Capacity Building Platform for Salespeople and other Professionals; and
2. To provide a great Networking Arena for the Sales Community.

As a leading player in the training and consulting industry, we will continue to find better ways to make the Sales Conference a place to be.
Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."
Nigeria Sales Conference is a massive annual event that brings together diverse sales professionals, captains of industry and others in a gathering that is designed to prepare professionals to win in the tough business arena.
Our speakers are outstanding authorities in their sectors. These veteran sales authorities present topics that do justice to the theme of the conference.
The panel sessions provide participants the opportunities to get solutions that will take their careers to the next level.
As you participate in the sales conference, we encourage you to Network and Build Capacity.

Our Vision

To provide a foremost platform in Nigeria where Salespeople will converge annually for Capacity Building and Networking.

Our Mission

To continue to provide cutting-edge and reliable learning materials that will help Salespeople and other Professionals actualize their goals.

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